Membership Process

We believe in the prospect process as an important tool to maintaining a quality group. The process is not an easy one, but the rewards are worth the work!

First Step is getting to know us.. Contact us via email at

We will have someone reach out to you, and give you some basic info about our club, and what we are about. Please leave your cell phone number so we can contact you about rides, and events we will be attending.

Once we get to know you for a bit you will be invited to become a "hang around" at this point. This is the time that you get to know us, know what we are about, and how things in general work. You will be assigned a sponsor whom will help you through the process to membership. After 2 months, we will vote on you moving to the next stage.

Once you are voted on, you will move to prospect. This step is when you should be making an effort to get to know each member of the club, and show us what you bring to the club, and why we should allow you to join. You should attend a majority of our events, rides, and be prepared to pitch in should it be needed.

After 60 days in prospect status, your name will come up for vote at each monthly meeting. You must have a 100% yes vote in order to become a full member. The 60 day period is the minimum that you will be in these steps. More than likely it will be much longer. If you are not prepared to spend 6-12 months earning membership, this group is probably not for you.


We wear a 2 piece banner style patch set. The Banner reads Jersey Strong Family with M A on the ends that signify that we are a motorcycle organization.
Our colors are Green and Black, and we fly the skull clover as our insignia.

Our non-riding spouses wear a modified single patch. It is a green outlined black circle patch with Jersey Strong on the top and Family under the skull clover.

Here is the standard layout for our patch sets.