Interested in joining the family?

Must be a licensed motorcycle rider.
Must have road legal, insured and registered  American motorcycle over 750cc
Spouses are welcome to become associate members.  They do not get voting rights, and wear a modified "Family" patch.  (We do not do property of patches)

Please read all of the website before sending an email, but we are happy to answer any additional questions you might have!

We have a few steps to becoming a member..

First, you need to contact us. Your email will be reviewed and sent on to the VP of the chapter closest to you. The VP, or Sgt. will speak with you to find out a little about you, and invite you to come out to ride with us, or hang with us at an event (Please include a phone number) At that point you will be introduced to the members, and meet with the Sgt. at arms. He will speak with you further about your interest in joining us.

First official step in the process is the "Hang Around" period. This is the time for you to get to know us, see what we are about, and learn about the basics of our organization. Ride with us, hang with us and see if this is what you really want.. If you feel comfortable that you have decided this is something you would like to pursue then the process begins with you filling out your application. The more you are around and the more the members get to know you decides just how long this process will last. it is advisable for you to purchase and wear a blank (un-patched) vest. 

Once we get to know you, and feel you are a good fit, the officers will vote to move you up to prospect. At this point you will be assigned a sponsor who will teach you the in's and outs of our group, and the motorcycle community culture. You will be awarded our top banner patch that signifies you are a probationary member. Both Prospect and hangaround stages are a minimum of 90 days each. LIKELY MUCH MUCH LONGER.

They both will more than likely last much longer.

There is no maximum time period for the hang-around and prospecting period. When we feel you are ready you will move to the next step. Do some research on the net about Hang Around / prospecting time periods, and learn about the process. There are tons of good sites out there.

We do not haze or degrade our prospects. However, you will be required to work at times. We will not take you away from work, or family but do encourage you to attend as many events and gatherings as possible. This is a family values motorcycle club, and we put our families well being above all else. We expect you to do the same. On the other hand, we also expect you to want to be involved with us, and show that dedication.

Associate membership is only granted to the spouse of a full patched member. You are encouraged to bring your spouse around any time. We want to get to know them as much as we want to know you. They will be just as much a part of our family as you are. 

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If for some reason you leave the group, all property of JSMC, including the patches, any t-shirts with the full  logo (not including support wear) all club property in your possession is to be returned to the Sgt at Arms at your first convenience. There will be no refunds issued for any fees, or costs you incurred in obtaining Items.   The logo and artwork used in all products  is a copyright of Jersey Strong M/C and may not be used without expressed written permission from the founding chapter (Toms River, NJ)