Group Ride Info

Basic Group Ride Info


While riding in a group, you need to know your place in the pack. The diagram below shows our standard ride order.  The road captain  signals "Parade" formation by holding up 2 fingers (Like a Peace Sign) to signal that we close ranks. This is usually done when arriving at a location of an event, rally, or if participating in a parade.

Single File

Single File is signaled by the road captain when the group is in an environment dictating need. Some Examples of this are Winding roads, traffic circles, or Toll lanes.



Staggered Formation


Staggered formation is used most often when on club cruises, and charity runs. This will be the most common formation that the club rides in. Unless signaled otherwise, this is the formation you should expect to be in.


Common Hand Signals

Below  are some of the common hand signals used by J.S.M.C. The Road Captain and Road Guard(s) will always inform riders of any other signals they may use pre-ride. If you are unsure what something means, contact the Road Captain.