Looking to start a club in your neck of the woods?

If you don't have a local chapter, want to start something up with friends, or want to patch over to our organization?

Here is how it goes...

First, you need to reach out to us..

You and your crew will be invited to come hang with us, ride with us, and get to know what the club is about. If it is mutually agreed that you are a good fit for us, and we are a good fit for you.. The next step would be to attend a meeting. We will put the chapter up for review. Any questions our voting members may have will be put forth at that point.

We will invite your crew in to answer any questions at that time, and then it will be put up for a private vote. If passed, you will then be invited to start a prospective chapter.

During the prospective period your charter membership will be expected to uphold the by-laws and values of the club. We will assign you a club member to mentor you through the process of getting a chapter up and running as smoothly as possible.

The prospective chapter period will last for an undetermined period of time. The chapter will be put up a vote for acceptance, and at that time you will be awarded a full charter.

This is a New Jersey based motorcycle club, but we may be open to allowing chapters in other areas. Obviously it would be kind of strange
 to rep Jersey in Ohio.. In cases like that, we would tailor the top rocker to support your local area. Everything would stay the same with the exception of the top rocker, and vertical patch. Approval of a chapter outside New Jersey or neighboring areas is a little bit of a challenge as it's hard to get to know the members when they could be thousands of miles away.. If you are interested, please contact us, and we can talk more.

We don't take upstart chapters lightly. As a founder, I would prefer 5 tight friends over 500 members who show up once or twice a year. If you and your crew are not dedicated to being a member of this family, then it might be best for all involved to have you find a club that fits your needs better then us.

For more info please contact us at
or Call
(732) 903-JSMC