Welcome to the internet home of Jersey Strong M/C  We are a family values, non territorial independent motorcycle club. We believe in supporting local charities, local businesses, and local people.

We are a family, not just a club.

We are dedicated to helping our fellow New Jersey Residents. This is through many channels. Donation of time to help someone in need, participating in food drives, participation in fund raising runs, getting clothing together for those in need, or partnering with other organizations in need of our help. If you, or someone you know needs help please contact us through our Charity page.


  • Must have a valid motorcycle license, own and ride a registered and insured AMERICAN MADE MOTORCYCLE OVER 750CC.  
  • Be willing to help your brothers at any time good or bad.
  • Attend charity event, donation of time to help those in need, attend rallies, and  ride with and support members, their spouses and friends.
  • Form lifelong friendships with others who share your love of motorcycles.
  • Must have a need and desire to help out your fellow man.
  • Dedication to the club and willingness to be there for your JSMC family. 

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